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By | May 5, 2021
  • Good/Gud Night Sms: – Hello Folks , We Are Giving Best Good Night Sms So That You Can End Your Day On A Romantic Note By Sending A Sweet Good Night Text Message You Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Best-Friend. Send A Gud Night Sms Message To Wish Your Loved One Sweet Dreams (Sleeping Quotes).  It Is The Perfect Way To End Your Day By Saying Good Night Sweet Dreams, Good Night Friends, Good Night Images.

     Good Night Sms | Good Night Dear | Good Night Sweet Dreams

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    • Good Friends Don’t Necessarily Make Life Perfect, But They Sure Make All The Imperfections Easier To Tolerate.
    • Pyari Si “Raat” Me.
      Pyare Se “Andhere” Me.
      Payari Si “Neend” Me.
      Pyare Se “Sapno” Me.
      Pyare Se, “Apno” Ko.
      Pyara Sa “Gud Night ” Good Night Sms.
    • The Brightest Stars In My Life Are Not Planetary Objects, They Are Friends Like You Who Shine Through Night And Day. Good Night.
    • Nikal Gya Hai Chanf Aur Nikhar Gye Hai Sitare
      So Gye Hai Panchi Aur Sundar Hai Nazare,
      So Jayo Ab Aap Bhi Aur Dekho Sapne Nirale
      Good Night

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    • Boyfriends And Girlfriends Will Come And Go, But Our Friendship Will Forever Radiantly Glow. Gud Night Sms.
    • Night Doesn’t Become Beautiful With
      Star Studded Sky And Full Moon
      It Becomes Beautiful When
      You Go To Sleep And Let Stars
      & Moon Admire Your Innocence…
      Good Night My Angel…Good Night Dear
    • The Memories Of Our Friendship Are Like The Radiance Of The Moon And The Fun Times We’ve Had Together Are Like The Twinkle Of The Stars That Light Up My Life’s Skies. Good Night.
    • Pathar Ki Duniya Zazbaat Nhi Samjhati
      Dil Mein Kya Hai Vo Baat Nhi Samjhati
      Tanha To Chand Bhi Sitaron Ke Beech Mein Hai
      Par Chand Ka Dard Vo Raat Nhi Samjhti….
      Good Night
    • Real Friendship Is When Misfits Come Together And Find That They’re The Perfect Fits For Each Other Good Night Sweet Dreams
    • Good Night, Good Night! Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow,
      That I Shall Say Good Night Till It Be Morrow…
      Sweet Dreams And Sleep Tight! 

      Good Night Friends | Good Night Love | Good Night Shayari

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    • In Life, Success Is Not Always Measured By How Big You Can Dream. Real Success, Is Often Measured By The Number Of Friends You Can Share Your Dreams With. Good Night My Friend. Good Night Friends
    • Raat Kafi Ho Chuki Hai
      Ab Chiragh Bujha Dijiye
      Ek Haseen Khwab Rah Dekhta Hai Apki,
      Bs Plko K Prde Gira Dijiye
      “.*. Good Night .*.”.
    • Wash Ur Fce Nd Wash Ur Feet!
      Now Itz Time 2 Fall Aslep.
      U Rs Eyes R Weak N Mouth Can’t Speak So Hope Tis Nite Shll B Nice Nd Sweet.
      Good Night..
    • The Most Sweetest Relation In World Is Pillow
      Bcoz Wen U R Tired U Relax On It.
      Wen U R Sad U Drop Tears On It.
      When U R Angry U Punch It.
      Whn U R Happy U Hug It
      Now That Pillow Is Waiting 4 U
      ..So Go To Bed
      Lovely Nite..;-:-*
      Lovable Dreamzzz. 

      Good Night. || Good Night Sms || Good Night Love ||

    • =*=Raat=*=
      Ki Pyaari Roshni K Sath
      K Timtimane K Sath
      Ke Khilne K Sath
      =*=1 Pyaare=*=
      Se Sms K Sath
      “Good Night” Have A Nice Sleep.:-)
    • Cozy Cozy Bed,
      Bozy Bozy Pillow,
      Cutoo Cutoo Person,
      A Stary Stary Night,
      A Curly Burly Sender Wishing You,
      Gudy Gudy Night
      Sweetoo Sweetoo Dremzzz…
    • Kitni Jaldi Mulaqat Guzar Jaati Hai,
      Pyaas Bujhti Nahin Barsat Guzar Jaati Hai.
      Apni Yaadon♥ Se Keh Do Is Tarah Naa Aaya Kare,
      Neend Aati Nahi Aur Raat Guzar Jaati Hai♠
      Good Nyt Sms
    • Yuhi Kabi Sapno Se Dil Lagaya Karo,
      Kisi Ke Khwabo Mein Aaya Jaya Karo,
      Jab Bhi Dil Kare Ki Koi Tume Bhi Subah Jagaye,
      Bus Humein Yaad Karke Pehle So To Jaya Karo.
      Good Night
    • It’s A Lovely Msg To A Lovely Person From A Lovely Friend On A Lovely Reason At Lovely Time From A Lovely Mind In A Lovely Style To Say U Good Night My Love.
    • Somewhere Out There Beneath The Pale Moon Light Someone Think In Of U Some Where Out There Where Dreams Come True… Goodnite & Sweet Dreams 2 You.

    Good Night Sms/Msg | Good Night Love You | Good Night Dear | Sleeping Quotes

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    • On This Cold Cold-Nite, In My Small Small Room,I Look At The Brite Brite Stars In The Dark Dark Sky & Dream Of Your Sweet Sweet Smile On Ur Cute Cute Face! Gdnite!
    • Hai Moon! Dim Your Light…Hello Wind ! Breeze Soft..Hai Flower! Blossom Slowly..Hello Earth! Spin Gently..Becoze My Dear Friend Is Going To Sleep!…Good Night. Sleeping Quotes
    • If I Was There With You:
      I Would Cover You In A Blanket Of Love,
      And Hold You In My Arms All Night.
      I Would Protect You Against The Monsters Under Your Bed
      And Show You How Much I Care About You.
      Hugs And Kisses, Sweet Dreams.
      Nighty Night.
    • Couldn’t Stop Thinking Bout U, So I Decided To Send You This.
      I Hope You Are Having Sweet Dreams (Of Me Of Course),
      Talk To Ya Tomorrow.
    • My Day May Be Hectic.
      My Schedule May Be Tight.
      But I Would Never Let The Day End Without Saying Good Night.
      Sweet Dreams! Good Night Love You
    • Nind Ki Aankho Pe Ho Rahi Hai Filding Tight;
      Is Dark Sky Main Dikh Rahe Hain Taare White;
      Ab Bhuja Ke Apni Light,
      Hum Aapse Kahte Hai.
    • Dream A Dream Tonight As You Sleep. Smile A Smile Tomorrow That You May Keep.
      May All Of Your Dreams And Wishes Come True Coz I Couldn’t Find A Better Friend
      Like You!
    • You Are The Reason Why I Have Sleepless Nights. You Are The Reason Why I Tend To Hold My Pillow Tight. And You Are The Reason I Can’t Sleep Without Saying Good Night Dear.
    • Sorry!
      I’m Late…
      I Wanted To Say Good Morning But Were Too Slow …
      So GOOD NIGHT… ;*
    • “I Can’t Fall Asleep Because I’m Thinking Of You, But I Want To Because I Know You’ll Be Waiting In My Dreams.




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