My Lady in the Rain Romantic english status

By | September 12, 2015

My Lady in the Rain Romantic english status
“My Lady in the Rain”
As the clouds darken over us, so high;
As the thunder lightens the greying sky.
As the mystique of monsoon unfolds in dust;
My lady at the terrace gleams in bliss.
As the first few drops fall on her face;
As the gutsy wild winds tease with her dress.
As she holds tight, her little flying frock;
My lady in the drizzle gives Ms. Munroe a knock.
As it rains, she crumbles with pleasure;
As it pours, her joy knows no measure.
As droplets trek through her tender tresses;
My lady even more, lusts for clouds to caress.
As she ballets on the songs of the shower;
As her toes tap like a dancing flower.
As spell of the sky camber her, make her curve;
My lady, I fall for you, even more in love.

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