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Needfull Kiss cute conversation

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The Needfull Kiss is a short romantic convo.. Must Read The Needfull Kiss


“Can we kiss now?”, Nirvaan asked her who was busy watching the movie.

“Hmm? Said something?”, asked Kanak.

“Huh.! No. Yes. I mean no. No, nothing!”, he panicked.

“Kya ho ra hai baba.?”, she enquired. “Is everything fine?”, she added.

Where Nirvaan mind was trying to explain him,

Needfull Kiss cute conversation

Needfull Kiss cute conversation

“No yaar. Control. We are meeting after so many days. Don’t spoil the date.!”

“But she’s looking so adorable and I am just not able to resist. And I missed her so much that it’d hurt. Just a kiss. One.”, his heart replied.

“Oye sapno ke saudagar. Kuch bolega?”, Kanak interrupted the heart-mind debate.

“Haan sunn..”, he replied.

“Arre first look there. Shooo cute. Awww THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE.”, she almost shrieked.

They were at a movie date. “Life of Pi” it was! And Kanak was excitedly appraising the protagonist of the movie. No, not that guy Suraj but the tiger, Mr. Parker.

Nirvaan looked at her in amusement and smiled. Because Kanak was looking so pretty and more adorable and more irresistible but he controlled.

As Kanak was busy watching the movie, Nirvaan was busy watching her. She way she was looking at the Mr. Parker. The way she was smiling. The way she laughing. The way she was enjoying the movie.
And Nirvaan, he was enjoying each moment of her behavior.

The sun was going down. The birds went to sleep. The sky turned out black and the stars twinkled like beautiful pearls. Mr. Parker and the guy were almost sleeping and that’s when Kanak leaned her head upon Nirvaan’s shoulder.

His shoulder were her resting place. And she mumbled something.

“What? Did you said something?”, Nirvaan asked.

“Hmmm..”, she replied.


“Can we kiss now?”, she winked.
“Kaminiii.”, he started tickling her.

“Arre. Stop stop”, she was laughing in pain.

“You heard me before at the start, right?”

“Absolutely yes”

“Why did you acted as a deaf?”

“Just to tease you.”, she laughed.

And all of sudden, he came closer and sealed her lips with his. And kiss was the need.
Need to stop her from laughing.
Need to end his missing feel.

Because kiss is sometimes all you need. 😘


Story The Needfull Kiss End… ❤️

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