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Real Pain Of Long Distance Relationships ♥
‘I’m missing you a lot.’ She said. It had been 6 months since we met. Long distance relationship it was. I didnv’t know what to say.

‘Dear why aren’t you with me? Why you had to go away? We’re more than 1000 kilometers apart.’ She continued.

‘You know when I see people all around me I miss you more. Those moments we spent together, those bike rides, those scooty rides we enjoyed together, those ice creams we ate together, those lunches we had together, those petrol bills we paid together, those stupid selfies we clicked together , those roads on which we walked together. I miss them all. I miss you.’ She said. I could figure out from her voice that she was crying. I was feeling helpless. The love of my life was crying miles away from me. I couldn’t do anything about it.

It’s one of the most heartbreaking moment when your better half is crying and you can’t wipe their tears.

‘I’m with you Swto. But isn’t it amazing that we’re in a long distance relationship but still we maintain it and decorate it with these small yet special moments.’ He said. But all he got in reply was ‘Hmmmm.’

‘See we have so many complications in our relation but still our understanding is outstanding. You know Swto we are chosen for this. It’s like a test of our relationship which we have to face no matter what or how long this distance is, we people in long distance relationship are chosen to set an example for those people who think long distance relationship doesn’t work out. ‘ He took a breath. She kept listening to him silently.

‘You know this distance will only strengthen our love. It creates a sense of excitement in us and whenever I see you after months I see your love for me in your eyes. And that love, I tell you that is priceless. And you know what..’ He said.

‘What?’ She asked.

‘One day this distance will reduce to zero. You’ll be my legal wife and mom of two cute kids. And you’ll become moti okay? ‘

‘Stupid. I won’t become moti. You’ll become a motu dad. ‘ She said and laughed. Her laugh brought a sense of relief to me.

‘And you know what..’

‘What?’ She asked like a curious kid.
‘I love you Swto. I love you million times more than the distance between us. ‘

‘I love you too idiot.’ She said with love audible in her voice.

Because yes long distance relationships are hard to manage. But yes when we work on it, it worth everything! I salute all the people making a long distance relationships works.
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