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Reasons Why Women Cheat and how you should handle it like a gentleman
Recently Durex surveyed, 29,000 people in 36 countries in which people were personally interviewed. And Nigerian women topped the list as the most unfaithful in the world. Maybe you are looking for the reasons? Some of the most accurate one are listed down.

Reasons Why Women Cheat and how you should handle it like a gentleman

Reasons Why Women Cheat and how you should handle it like a gentleman

1.For money
Now days everyone wants more and more money but womens love money to much for the sake of money they can cheat anyone because 80% womens wants a good life style. good life style is also from money thats a reason why womens love money.

2.Nature gift
we can say that cheating is in the habbit of woman its like a weapon for the womens.womens can easily cheat to any one but they can use this god gifted skills in both ways negative and postive.

3. Or she just wants to break up with you. There is also the most common reason for why woman might cheat is that she is just about to dump you after being caught. Thereby she can have a reason to do so. Advice: Let her go. She don’t deserve you.

4. She sometimes thinks that you have cheated her too.
And they do Affair as a revenge it’s very common. Women sometimes do affair to get back their self-esteem and want to feel attractive and desirable again. Advice: If you have cheated or are cheating on her immediately, confess to her ask for an apology. If you aren’t doing anything wrong and you have got a paranoid type of girlfriend. That has some low self-confidence issues. Then you should compliment her sincerely and often. Make her feel like an angel or princess

5. When you both move in together, lot of things change when you both start to live together under one roof. When you share your daily the boring routine that take place of your life, she will subconsciously think that she is boring too. And if she finds someone else around who finds her attractive and beautiful and she might like to move with him instead. In survey we found that 41% of the women who’ve cheated did this with a coworker or her next door man. Also, after moving in, women tends to start dreaming about marriage. Advice: you should talk with her about the future planning and tell her how much she you mean to you in your future life

6. She got a promotion on job,
women are just like men, and they love to achieve their goals… And when they do conquer one of their jobs or related challenges, they might try to focus on another – like her relationship. Maybe she wants some adrenalin rush in her life, like they want to risk with their relationship, or might want to find excitement from being with another man. Women with big salaries are more likely to cheat their men. Advice for men: be with her. Celebrate all her every accomplishments, even if it’s a small ones which you consider to be not that important. When she will get to know that you like to admire and respect her, she will feel some value at home as much as she does at her office.

7. Age Decade and half-decade birthdays believed to be a hard time for ladies.

Women of ages like 30, 35, 40, 50, etc use to think about their life and in which directions it’s going, and if it isn’t going the right direction as they wants, she might like the other way which is mainly like having an affair. Advice for men: be with her. According to stats, there are two dates when any straight Nigerian woman needs another man in her bed: that’s her birthday or starting of the year that’s the New Year’s Eve. So dear men don’t ever leave her solo and also get some presents for them too.