So what’s your plan for Valentine’s day?

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‘So what’s your plan for Valentine’s day?’, he asked her.
‘Exams start a week after Valentine’s day. Obviously I am going to study.’, she replied abruptly.
‘When pretty girls like you sit at home, ugly boys like me get bored too.’, he made a face.
‘You and ugly huh? So many girls are after you. You can just get anyone you want to be your Valentine.’, she said in an angry tone.
‘But the girl I want to be my Valentine just rejected me.’, he meted out and faked a cry.
‘Huh, who? When? Why?’, she was pissed now.
‘She just told me that she wants to study at home.’, he replied with a playful smirk on his face.
‘So what do you want that girl to do?’, she played along this time. A blush crept up to her cheeks.
‘I want her to reply in positive when I propose her to be my Valentine not only for this year but for several years to come. I want her to be mad at me when I become over-friendly with other girls in our class. I want her to blush like this every time I say, I LOVE YOU.’, he finished.

She was silent. But the silence was loud. It was screaming out something. She was going through EBS(Excessive Blushing Syndrome) at that very moment.
‘Mind if I say I love you?’, she mumbled out with all her strength.
‘Mind if I say me too?’, he replied back.
*all smiles*

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