Respect Your Father message

By | February 8, 2016

At your age of 1,☺
He would have lost his sleep to take care of you like your mother😊
When ur 10😃
He would have lose his favourite perfume to pay ur school fees, 😘
At 18,😊
He would have lose lost his savings to make you graduate😘

At ur 22,😍
He would have lose his respect to get u a job😘

To keep u rich he would have not even purchased clothes 4 himself😊,

To make u lead a luxurious life,😊
he would not even take care of his health,😢

He is the one who sheds his personal interests 4 ur prosperous life..💋
SALUTE UR DAD 4 HIS SACRIFICES..😘 coz no one else will❤❤

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