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By | March 7, 2016

Hello everyone, do you know Very Good morning is a precious gift given by god to us.Good morning sms are find often on internet.So we have collected some great good morning sms for girlfriends and friends ,relatives and for other on our site .we hope you all will like our all sms we are posting here

Good Morning SMS For Whatsapp 2016

Good Morning SMS For Whatsapp 2016

Good Morning SMS, Messages For Whatsapp

1. Sweet Morning, Fine Morning,
Lovely Morning, Beautiful
Morning, Happy Morning,
Nice Morning, Likely Morning
I Think It’s A Good Morning..

2. Gulshaan Me Bhanwron Ka
Fera Ho Gaya, Puraab Me
Suraj Ka Dera Ho Gaya,
Muskaan Ke Saath Aankhe
Khol Pyaare, Ek Baar Fir
Se Pyaara Sa Savera Ho Gaya!

3. Subah Ke Phul Khil Gye, Panchi
Apne Safar Par Udd Gaye,
Suraj Ke Ate He Taarey Bi
Chup Gye, Kya Ap Bhi Apni Meethi
Neend Se Uth Gye.

4. In The Journey Of Life, We
Pass Pleasure And Pain, There
Will Be Sunshine And Rain,
There Will Be Loss And Gain,
But We Must Learn To Smile
Again And Again!

5. Welcome To The Fresh Morning
With A Smile On Ur Face,
Love In Ur Heart Good Thoughts
In Ur Mind U Will Have A
Wonderful Day.

6. Naye Subha Ka Naya Nazara,
Thandi Hawa Le Kar Aaye
Paigam Humara, Jago, utho,
taiyar Ho Jao, Khushiyao Se
Bhara Hai Aaj Ka Din Tumhara.

7. Savere Savere Ho Khusiyo
Ka Mela, Na Logo Ki Parwah
Na Duniya Ka Jhmela, Panchio
Ka Sangeet Ho Aur Mausam
Albela, Mubarak Ho Aap Ko Ye
Khubsoorat Savora.

8. Subha Ka Har Pal Armaan Ban
Ke Aye, Din Ka Ujaala Naye
Shaan Ban Ke Aaye, Chakti
Rhe Aapke Chehre Pe Hansi,
Har Din Ek Naya Mehmaan
Ban Ke Aaye..

9. Wrap A Rainbow Of Joy In Ur
Heart, Let The Sun Paint
A Smile On Ur Face, Remove
All Clouds Of Doubt &
Fear And Receive God’s
Gift Of Life.

10. Morning Is Not Only Sunrise,
But A Beautiful Miracle
Of God, That Defeats
Darkness Spreads Light.
May U Have A Beautiful
Day Alwayz 2 Start With.!

11. Kohre Ki Boonde Phulo Ko
Bhiga Rahi Hai Thandi Lehre
Ek Taazgi Jaga Rhi Hai Ho
Jaiye Aap Bhi Inme Shamil
Qki.. Ek Pyari
Si Subah Aapko Jga Rhi Hai.

12. Suraj Ugela Hai Samja, Chand
Dubela Hai Samja, Mast Flower
Khilela Hai Samja Kya, Jhakas
Mahol Banela Hai Abi Toh Smja
Kya, Bole To Apun Tere Ko
Kabse Ye Bol Rahi Hai.. Boletoh
Rapchik Gud Morng Bhejrela Hai!!

13. Good Morning. It Is Time
To Jump Out Of Bed, Brush
Your Teeth, Eat Your
Breakfast And Get Ready
To Grab All The Opportunities
That Will Come Your Way.

14. Silent Lips May Avoid Many
Problms But Smiling Lips
Solve Many Problms So Always
Have A Litle Cute Smile On
Ur Face.

15. All Mornings Are Like
Paintings, U Need A Little
Inspiration To Get Going..
A Little Smile To Brighten
Up, And An Sms From
Someone Who Cares To Color
Ur Day..

16. Kaash Aik Din Aap Asman
Per So Jayein, Sitare Aap
Ka Bichona Ho, Chand Aap
Ka Takya Ho, Raat Aap Ko
Chadar Ho, Aur Subah Suraj
Aik Laat Maare Aur Kahe Uth
Ja O Nalayak Apne Ghar Ja.

17. Thank U God For Blessing
Me, With This Wonderful
Morning.. I Just Need U To
Be By My Side, And Guide My
Step In Every Way.. Thanks
Again Lord, I Truely Love U.

Best Good Morning SMS For Friends and Girlfriend

18. Daton Ko Barabar Ghis Dalne
Ka, Moti Ke Mafik Chamka Dalne
Ka, Haath Me Cutting Chey
Leke, Sab Frinds Logo Ko Bol
Daal, Subha Ho Gye Mamu
Bole To Gud Wali Moring..

19. Kya Baat Hai Aaj Subah Subah Bade
Talented Person Ka Msg Padh
Rahe Ho. Nice Habbit! Good Morning..

20. A Special Breakfast For U,
In The Hotel Of My Heart..
A Bowl Of Love,
A Spoon Of Care,
In A Pot Of Happiness,
Dish Is Frndship,
Pay The Bill By Ur Cute
Smile..! Good Morning Frnd

21. One Of The Joy In Life Is,
Waking Up Each Day With
Thoughts, That Somewhere
Someone Cares Enough To
Send A Warm Morning

22. Morning Time A Cup Of Hot
Hello.. A Plate Of Crispy
Wishes A Spoon Of Sweet
Smiles A Slice Of Great
Success Especially For U..
Enjoy The Day..

23. Get Up From Ur Soft Soft
Bed, Open Ur Teeny Weeny Eyes,
Wear That Jolly Wolly Smile,
And Say To Urself A Good
Morning From My Side.. Have A
Wonderful Day..!

24. Every Sunset Gives Us One
Day Less To Live, But Every
Sunrise Gives Us One Day
More To Hope.. So Hope For
The Best, Good Day And
Good Luck..!

25. I Hope This Sunday Be A Great
Start To Ur Week, I Hope That
It Will Be Filled With Joy And
Peace, And All The Treasures
That U Seek.. Wishing You A
Happy Sunday..!

26. Every Little Smile Can Touch
Somebody’s Heart, May U
Find Hundreds Of Reasons
To Smile Today.. May U Be The
Reason For Someone Else To
Smile.. Have A Smiling Day..!

27. Hi, To Sweet Person, Who
Passed Sweet Night, With
A Sweet Dream.. Now Want
To Pass Sweet Day With Sweet
Talk.. Have A Sweet Day, Have
A Sweet Morning..

28. Its So Common To Hear..
How Are U.?
What Are U Doing.?
How Is Ur Day.?
Any Plan.?
So Let Me Ask U Something
Did U Smile Today.?
Just Smile..!

29. Morning Is Not Only Sunrise,
But A Beautiful Miracle
Of God.. That Defeats
Darkness, And Spread Light..
May This Be A Very Beautiful
Day For U..! Good Morning

30. Never Start Ur Day With
Broken Pieces Of Yesterday,
It Will Definately Destroy
Ur Wonderful Today..
And Will Ruin Ur Great

31. A Good Morning Creates A
Good Mood, A Good Mood
Creates A Good Work.. A Good
Work Creates A Good Day,
A Good Day Make U Happy,
And Ur Happiness Makes
Me Happy..!

32. Mud Gorning, Lest Of Buck
Dave A Hice Nay Srroy!
Rat Ko Nend Pori Nai Hoi
Is Liye Ispeling Fistake
Ho Rai Hai Mon’t Dind
Yissing Mou, Cake Tare Dud
Molning Annlll Bye I M
Sllipng Again Khurrrrrr..

33. Subah Ka Mosam Or Dost Ki
Yad, Halki Si Thandak Or
Chai Ki Talash, Dosto Ki
Dosti Ki Mithas Shuru Kijye
Apna Din Mithi Mithi
Yado K Sath. Good Morning..

34. Suraj Ke Pehle Kiran Aapko
Khusi De, Dusre Kiran Hasi
De, Teesri Tandurasti,
Chouthi Kamybi, Bas Aur Nhi
Garmi Lagege.

35. Ek Nanhaa Sa Sapna Churne
Aaye Hai, Khusiyo Ka Ehsaas
Dil Me Dilane Aaye Hai,
Neend Ke Madhosi Se Jo Aap
Lipte Hue Ho, Hum Aapko Pyar
Se Jagane Aaye Hai Good Morning.



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