broken heart Status For Facebook Whatsapp

Sad hindi Broken Heart Status For Facebook :- HI Everyone here we Are Presenting you the latest collection of Sad broken heart Hindi Status With images.We will also post Sad hindi status with images for You Guys So You can express your feelings for someone. Yeh kya naam du iss diwangi ko Yeh kya naam du iss diwangi… Read More »

He She Romantic conversation in Hindi

This Conversation is about romantic late night conversation between him and her.He She Romantic conversation in Hindi is latest conversation between him and her. He she Romantic Conversation in Hindi 💏💑 #he_she 💏💑 SHe : Hiiiii…Babu😘☺ He: Hmmmm…😏 She : Kya huaa mere babu ko😜😜😜 jo aaj aisa reply mila😓😓😐 He: Merko ni karni tere se bat😏😏😏😏 She:… Read More »

Karva Chauth 2021 Sms Vidhi Katha Images in Hindi

Karva Chauth 2020 करवा चौथ 2017: हिंदू धर्म में त्योहारों की मान्यता बहुत अधिक है। हर माह में कोई पर्व आ जाता है और गणेश चतुर्थी के पश्चात त्योहारों के मौसम की शुरुआत हो जाती है। इसी तरह कार्तिक माह के कृष्ण पक्ष की चतुर्थी को किया जाने वाला उपवास सुहागन स्त्रियों के लिए बहुत अधिक होता है।… Read More »

What it’s really like being the other woman

Being an another woman in someone’s life is something which is considered as wrong, which might not be wrong for the one who is in love with the man. This woman knows that the relationship will sooner or later turn up to end one or the other day, but still continues convincing herself that she loves him and this relationship means something to him… Read More »